Letterpress Workers Summit –

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Letterpress Workers (LPW) was established in 2012 by Officina Tipographica Novepunti. LPW is a short-term collaborative artist residency where letterpress workers from Europe and the Americas work together on a common theme to share knowledge, cultural approaches, and ways of thinking (not only about letterpress).

What is meant by a ‘letterpress worker’? Printers, typographers, graphic designers, calligraphers, stone carvers, educators and artists of all kinds that share a love of letters, type, ink, and experimentation.

At the end of June Studio B will be attending our second Letterpress Workers International Summit in Milan (Italy). LPW is an event attended by invitation only, so we are very pleased to be asked to return. The summit consists of four days of printing, debate and dialogue focused on the relationship and value of letterpress printing in a digital world.

Attendees travel from across the globe to exchange ideas, information, debate and celebrate letterpress. LPW has been taking place since 2012, initially with a small number of people in attendance – 2018 will see numbers increasing to between forty and fifty attendees.

Each year the summit is themed with attendees generating work in response to it – the work is collated and goes toward a limited edition publication – produced by the Lazy Dog Press.

Images: clockwork from left – Work generated responding to the LPW theme Fear. Collaborative prints in action with other attendees. Work generated responding to the LPW theme ‘Hope’.


For more information about LPW visit:

http://letterpressworkers.org/ or https://www.letterpressworkers.net/en/

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© Carl Middleton – 2019

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